5 More Ways To Get Involved With Plastic Free July
12 Jul 2019

5 More Ways To Get Involved With Plastic Free July

So you’ve read our Top 5 Ways To Get Involved With Plastic Free July & made the switch to reusable items - you've got the coffee cup, the toothbrush and your reusable shopping bags reliably stored in the car for your next supermarket adventure but now you are keen to know what else you can do? Well, read on to find out our next set of tips you can try out! 


1. Look for the compostable alternatives (and use the appropriate bin!)

You’ve tried to eliminate plastic from all areas of your life but are finding that some things are really hard to replace or eliminate – it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If you can’t eliminate it, the next best thing would be to find a compostable (either home or commercially compostable) alternative.


2. Save your jars and containers to shop in bulk

More and more refilleries and bulk food stores are starting to pop up around the country. Next time, before you go to throw your empty glass jar into the recycling bin, save it and use it down at the refillery/bulk food store. Not only will you be saving on plastic packaging, but you may just save some dollars too!


3. Reduce your waste to landfill

At Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari we weigh all of the waste that is taken off of the boat so that we can keep track of how much of our waste is being taken to landfill and how much is being diverted through to either recycling or to a commercial composting facility. 


There's no reason why you couldn't do this at home too, in fact, it might encourage the kids to be a bit more conscious of what they put in the bin at home! You can even make it fun for them by incentivising it, if your family can get below a certain weight before the next waste collection then you all get a prize!


4. Composting, bokashi, worm farms!

Speaking of diverting from landfill, home composting is a really easy way to reduce how much of your waste is going to landfill and there are so many ways to do it now from the traditional compost bin in your backyard right through to worm farms and bokashi bins that live under your kitchen sink.


5. Get clever with food waste – start a veggie/herb garden

Did you know that you can grow your own vegetables and herbs using some scraps such as potatoes, onions and garlic?! Pinterest and YouTube are full of tips on how to do this! 


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