Meet the Crew - Kerry
31 Jan 2019

Meet the Crew - Kerry

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Australia but grew up in New Zealand.


What is your previous experience (uni/research/other relevant jobs etc.)?

I have a BSc in Ecology and I am currently studying toward an MSc in Biosecurity and Conservation, both from the University of Auckland.

I used to work as a penguin keeper at Kelly Tarlton's and now I am studying Kororā (Little Blue Penguins) out in the Hauraki Gulf for my Master's project.  


How long have you been working for Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari?

Since April 2018


What's the best thing about working in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park?

Getting to be out on the water and seeing all the cool animals!


It's easy for our jobs to become our world, after all, it is our passion but what do you like to do in your spare time?

I really enjoy being outside and try to spend lots on time in/on the sea diving or surfing or out in the bush camping and hiking.


What's your favourite animal in the whole wide world?

Probably the Dumbo Octopus. 


If there is one question you could have answered about the oceans right this instant, what would it be?

How can we better protect marine species from over-exploitation, pollution and increasing sea surface temperatures? 


If there's one place in the world you could visit (money no object), where would it be and why? Antarctica. So I could look at all the cool polar animals in real life. 


Any particular stand out memories or highlights during your time so far at Auckland Whale?

My first triple species trip - we saw common dolphins, a mother and calf Bryde's whale and a pod of orca all in the same trip!


If you could give your passengers one piece of advice, what would it be?

Always wear sunblock no matter what time of year, the sun is strong here in New Zealand!