Company background and Information

Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari was established in 2000. As well as being the only daily whale and dolphin watch safari operating directly from a New Zealand city, we also privately fund and support marine wildlife studies through universities, trusts and government departments. Our goal is to inform and educate our passengers about the fragile balance between human existence and our direct impact on the incredible marine life and marine environment.


For more than 18 years and 150,000+ passengers, we have delivered a tangible connection between tourism, positive social outcomes and behavioural change through education and awareness.


Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari is part of Entrada Travel Group, a New Zealand-owned company providing amazing experiences around Aotearoa.



Our Mission Statement

The preservation of species and the environment through research, education and awareness


Our Vision

Discover today – Protect for Tomorrow


  • Share our unique sea safari – unforgettable from the moment you leave our central city wharf
  • Connect with the abundance of rare marine mammals, birds and stunning island scenery
  • Learn from the marine researchers onboard working to protect the whales, dolphins and their fragile home



Responsible Tourism

As an ecotourism company, we strive to provide an environmentally responsible travel experience where all our customers can enjoy and appreciate nature with minimal impact on the environment. Our focus is to;


  • minimise negative social, economic and environmental impacts
  • make positive contributions to the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage.
  • provide more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with marine mammals, the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park and sharing what we do to help with environmental issues.




Our environmental practices include (but are not limited to);


  • Enviro-Mark Bronze Certified. Independent guidance and certification from Enviro-Mark Solutions aiming to review and improve how we manage our environmental impacts
  • The development and implementation of an Environmental Policy, combined with an Environmental & Sustainability Operations Plan. Embedded into daily operations via our Maritime Transport Operator Plan (MTOP)
  • Joining the Sustainable Business Network in October 2016
  • Revised Procurement guidelines for the Company towards more sustainably focused suppliers/providers
  • Use of the ACE Carbon Footprint Calculator to internally audit our carbon emissions
  • Installing the lowest emission diesel engines we could get for our purposes
  • Engines are never started until immediately before trip departure
  • Engines are shut down every time we stop to view mammals or conduct research
  • Using fuel additive ‘Fuel 360’ from Lower Emissions Ltd giving a more consistent fuel burn, better economy and lower emissions
  • Using the latest silicon antifungal technology, ensuring less fuel burn through drag elimination (between 5.5% - 12%). The antifungal is non-ablative and lasts 5-8 years

Our Environmental Policy can be accessed here.




We actively drive our conservation commitments by working closely with the NZ Department of Conservation (DoC), Universities and local Conservation Organisations. We contribute significant funds and in-kind support towards a variety of projects that support marine mammals, the marine environment and habitats, recovering species and clean up initiatives which are on our Conservation page.



 Quality Assurance

The management and staff of Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari share the responsibility for product quality. The Quality System is designed to ensure that all processes and procedures meet established requirements that allow us to manage the business and provide the best possible customer experience. Our Quality system covers (but is not limited to);


  • Crew and Operating Policies
  • Booking and Reservation quality and control
  • Customer Satisfaction and Feedback
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policies
  • Ship Operating Policies
  • Ship Maintenance logs
  • NZ Qualmark Certification