Proudly supporting our local Community

AWADS is proud to offer charities and community groups the opportunity to book our award-winning Whale & Dolphin Conservation Cruise, as a special fundraising event.

With the entire boat (up to 100 tickets) available at a special charter rate, this is your chance to raise money for your organisation whilst having a lot of fun doing it!


How it works;

  1. Tell us what your raising money for by filling out this contact form.
  2. We will then be in touch to discuss your idea and work out the details.
  3. (If approved) we will set everything up, send you a 'Toolkit' and a booking link.
  4. You then push the offer and booking link out to all your supporters.
  5. We all then go Whale & Dolphin Watching.
  6. We then deduct the agreed operating expenses and send you the balance.
  7. You achieve your fundraising goal!!!!


  • Private charter available for up to 100 people.
  • We offer a discounted charter rate.
  • Fundraising charters are available mornings only (typically 08:00 - 12:30).
  • Not available in our peak summer season (Dec - Feb incl.)
  • Acceptance of the fundraising proposal is at the sole discretion of AWADS.

We wish you the best of luck with your fundraising.


Please note: along with fundraising charters, we are proud to support a number of marine-research and conservation programs as our way of contributing to the community. For this reason, we do not provide donations to individual causes.



Upcoming Events





Saturday 7th & 14th March 2020 (8:00 am - 12:30)


The OCEAN YOUTH 2019 are fundraising with $80 tickets for a special trip with Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari.

In Ocean Youth, it is our aim to build tomorrow's leaders and change-makers to conserve and protect our oceans.  As a part of the program, we have been challenged to develop an innovative program that will help benefit the environment.  We have some big ideas which we believe can make a real difference, however, we need your support to make it happen!

Normally up to $190 a ticket, we would love for you to take advantage of this very special price and spend the day out with us on the waters of the beautiful Hauraki Gulf in search of whales, dolphins and any other creatures we can find!  It will be an amazing experience you will never forget and will hopefully inspire you to do more to protect our amazing NZ environment. 

Your ticket price will also help raise some much-needed funds for our Ocean Youth participant initiatives.  We look forward to spending the day with you and sharing our passion for the earth and creatures within it in on this incredible trip.  Thank you for supporting us to reach our goals and make a difference in the world!