Conservation is at the heart of everything we do and is a core principle of our business. We are privileged to operate in the stunning environment of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. Everyone in this company takes our responsibility to protect our natural heritage and preserve our environment seriously.



Interacting with marine mammals

All marine mammals are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act (1978) meaning that it is an offence to kill, injure, harass or disturb them. You can read the official MMPA document HERE.


The Marine Mammal Protection Regulations (1992) govern how commercial operators and the general public should behave around marine mammals. Failing to adhere to these rules can result in a heavy penalty. As a responsible commercial operator, we strive to demonstrate these rules during our safaris. The formal MMPR document can be found HERE whilst the Department of Conservation’s user-friendly version can be found HERE.



World Cetacean Alliance Partnership

We are proud to be a Responsible Whale Watching Partner of the World Cetacean Alliance helping to develop joint initiatives to share scientific data, improve standards for whale and dolphin watching and develop education programmes shared by onboard naturalists across the world.  


As a partner, we proudly display the WCA’s own whale and dolphin watching guidelines which can be found HERE.



Pest-Free status

The Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is proud to have a number of pest-free islands not far from Auckland City. To help protect the islands, we possess a Pest-Free warrant from the Department of Conservation which means that we meet the biosecurity standards to be able to visit these islands.