March 2019 - Whale Watching Highlights
06 Apr 2019

March 2019 - Whale Watching Highlights

It was a slightly harder month for us as the large majority of the food chain moved out of our search area and the animals slowed down, spending less time feeding and more time socialising and resting (which makes them a little trickier to find). Our trusty crew have been doing this for years and know the Hauraki Gulf very well so we still saw marine mammals on the majority of our trips!


Common dolphins hanging out with the Dolphin Explorer


Passengers were able to observe common dolphins in small to large group sizes and displaying different kinds of behaviours from feeding to resting, socialising to travelling alongside the Dolphin Explorer.


Plenty of seabirds were seen too with lots of Buller's shearwaters who only breed on the Poor Knights Islands (just North of our search area) and nowhere else in the world.



Australasian gannets diving into a work up (left) and an endemic Buller's shearwater takes flight (right)


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