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The abundance of sea-life in the Hauraki Gulf makes every trip a different experience.

The Hauraki Gulf is teeming with an abundant array of interesting sealife. There’s no knowing what you might see, but there’s always a chance you’ll encounter seals, sharks, stingrays, and lots of different types of fish. In the summer there is also always a chance of seeing oceanic species normally found in warmer waters such as sea turtles, devil rays and manta rays!

Sea-life diversity within the Gulf is amazing

New Zealand Fur Seal 
​(Arctocephalus forsteri)

The New Zealand Fur Seal is easy to recognise with its pointy nose, long whiskers and visible ears. These guys are real characters and always a hit with the kids. We often spot New Zealand Fur Seals resting in a "jugging" position (extending their hind and fore flippers above the water surface). They also love to roll around and if you’re lucky, one might even give you a wave goodbye!


Around 73 species of shark can be found in New Zealand. In the Hauraki Gulf we most commonly see smooth hammerheads, blues, mako, bronze whalers and thresher sharks. We love to see sharks on our trips as it allows us to show our passengers that they aren't as scary as they are usually perceived. 


The Hauraki Gulf is a huge resource of many different types of fish, which is why you’ll likely see lots of private boats out on the water, as Auckland fishing enthusiasts try to catch some dinner. Keep on the look-out for large schools (or ‘boil-ups’) of Pilchards, Kahawhai and Trevally, as hungry whales and dolphins are often hot on their tails!