Million Metres Project Update - March 2021

Thanks for helping restore New Zealand’s waterways!

Since 2019 we’ve been offering our passengers the chance to reduce their carbon footprint by adding a $10 donation to their Auckland whale watching tour booking.

These donations go directly to the Million Metres initiative. Run by our friends at the Sustainable Business Network, Million Metres funds community tree-planting projects in streams and waterways around New Zealand.

They’ve run the numbers and to date, Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari passengers have contributed over $3,000 to local restoration projects!

  • More than $3,000 donated
  • Resulting in 502 native trees planted
  • Supporting 4 different wetlands restoration projects
  • Covering 56 metres planted

Source: Sustainable Business Network, March 2021

That’s a great result for our environment and will have a flow-on effect (pun intended) for the wider Hauraki Gulf ecosystem. Thank you to all our safari passengers who have helped make a difference – every little bit counts!

Our crew have also taken part in planting days for some of our chosen projects.

Help us plant more trees!

Planting native plants and trees along the banks of our streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands has many benefits. In a nutshell, tree planting:

  • helps prevent erosion
  • improves water quality
  • creates shade and a better habitat for native fish, birds and insects

And of course, our streams and rivers lead to the ocean. So by supporting projects that restore our local waterways, we’re also helping protect and preserve our precious Hauraki Gulf/Tikapa Moana Marine Park.

Wherever we can, we choose to support local projects that will benefit waterways around the Auckland region. At present your donations are going towards the ‘Long Bay-Awaruku Stream and Wetland Warriors’ project. You can see a list of our previous projects here.

When you book your Auckland whale watching tour you can make a donation to Million Metres to help counteract your carbon emissions. Donations are available in increments of $10, which covers the average cost of providing a tree, getting it planted and maintenance. A small portion of your donation (around 15%) goes towards admin costs to keep these projects moving forward.  

You can add a donation while you’re booking your safari, or talk to our friendly crew while you’re on board.