AWADS x Million Metres - A Partnership To Counteract Our Carbon Emissions

Last month we excitedly announced our new partnership with Million Metres. An initiative of the Sustainable Business Network, Million Metres aims to raise the funds to restore one million metres of New Zealand’s waterways with native plants and trees.

Million Metres helps local communities with fundraising, expertise and other project support. Our passengers can now contribute to this waterway restoration initiative, and help mitigate against the carbon emissions produced on our safaris at the same time.

The Facts About New Zealand’s Waterways:

  • 82% of rivers in farming areas and 94% of waterways in urban areas are unsafe for swimming
  • In farming areas, water pollution affects almost all rivers and aquifers, with high levels of nutrients, sediment and pathogens
  • Urban waterways contain many of the same pollutants but typically at even higher levels and in addition contain other pollutants such as heavy metals
  • 76% of freshwater fish species are now classified as ‘at risk’ of extinction

Why plant trees?

Planting native plants and trees along the banks of our streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands is a great way to improve water quality and enhance native biodiversity.

Planting the banks of our waterways  has the following benefits:

  • Helps prevent stream bank erosion and therefore reducing sediment entering the water  
  • Helps stop phosphorus and industrial contaminants from entering the water
  • Shades the water, which lowers water temperatures and improves habitat for native fish
  • Increases habitat for native birds and insects
  • Takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere

Why this partnership?

We have decided to partner with Million Metres as we believe that it is important to restore New Zealand’s waterways as well as mitigate against our carbon emissions.

There’s no denying it, the main operation of our company is held on board a 20m catamaran which runs on fuel. We acknowledge that this causes carbon emissions, which contributes to the global carbon emission problem.

Oceans and trees are two of the main carbon sinks around the world, so while we work to help protect the oceans each and every day through our marine research programmes, we would also like to help on the land.

One of the main ways we can do this is by playing our part in the larger picture of restoring New Zealand’s waterways. By planting native trees and plants, not only does this help restore the local ecosystem but it also increases the amount of carbon being extracted from the atmosphere. It’s a win-win situation in our eyes!

What happens to your donation?

Where: We have chosen to support local projects wherever possible. Our current project is the ‘More Love For Rangihoua’ project based on Waiheke Island. We previously supported a now fully funded project, the ‘Love Omaru Stream’ project based in East Auckland. 

Minimum donation: $10. This is the average cost of getting a tree in the ground and includes the cost of the tree itself, planting and maintenance.  

How: We’ve created a couple of ways in which our passengers can opt to make their donation. You can do this either at time of booking or on board.

When: Fundraising occurs year-round. Tree planting takes place over the winter months, when there is more moisture in the ground to help the new plants establish.

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