October 2018 Safari Sightings - Common dolphin superpods, blue whales & minke whales

Another month packed full of marine life variety. We sure are lucky to live and work in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park!

We kicked October off with a visit from everybody’s favourites – orca! In fact, we have been lucky to encounter the orca on four trips this month.

On the baleen whale front, we have of course had our regular Bryde’s whales, as well as pygmy blue whales, sei whales and glimpses of minke whales. Some of the Bryde’s whales we have come across have been mother and calf pairs which is always lovely to see.

Common dolphin encounters have varied from small groups to very large superpods all travelling in the same direction – when the Dolphin Explorer cruises alongside them, you definitely feel as though you become a part of the pod.

Carrying on from last month, we are seeing further signs that the sea temperatures starting to warm up, with more sightings of large lion’s mane jellyfish and sunfish.

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